Hello, I’m Susana!

I’m happy to see you here!I’m 22 years old, WHERE IS THE PLANE began with my passion for journaling and travel, — hence my blog name! In recent years, I’ve developed top-selling digital and printable planners, designed for your unique lifestyle and needs. My goal is to craft purposeful planners, both digital and printable, to keep you organized and productive, aiding you in reaching your goals, regardless of life’s season.


WHERE IS THE PLANE is a brand guided by a clear-cut mission: to enrich your everyday life and travel adventures, enabling you to fully relish your cherished pursuits. Our commitment is unwavering in assisting you with organization and goal attainment, all while safeguarding your holistic well-being. We have meticulously crafted simple planners with this precise goal in focus. Our trip planner, in particular, stands as a crucial tool, ensuring efficient travel planning and empowering you to lead a more purposeful life, centered on your unique interests and aspirations.


I’m 22 years old, girl who loves planner and travel— hence my blog name!

I have always loved the way paper improved my life When I was not good at organizing when traveling.

but when I found out about Digital planner, I was hooked.

It closely emulates the traditional paper-based planning, but with enhancements.

I couldn’t find a digital planner that I loved and met all my needs, so I decided to make my my own.

After Days of research and due to my picky-way .I ended up creating my very own personal use and I absolutely depended on it.

I was so proud with what I had created (I mean,It took so long to make it). WHERE IS THE PLANE Was born!

And that’s when I discovered a new passion _ creating digital planners and organizational goods to help Others live Their best life by being organized and productive.

I mean, We all have the same daily hours; success depends on how effectively you use them.

So , let’s get your life sorted , one day at a time , with WHERE IS THE PLANE.